What Are Signs That My Boyfriend Still Likes Me?

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So your question is ‘What are signs that my boyfriend still Likes Me?’ Okay, let’s begin.

There are several ways to talk with your ex boyfriend and get an idea of whether or not he is still into you. However – the most important piece of advice right off the bat is not to search for signs through communication within the first month after your breakup. I cannot stress this point enough. The first month after a breakup should be spent loving yourself and working on yourself. When that month is over, it’s now time to see if there still remains attraction from your boyfriend.

If you call your ex boyfriend you should consider the emotions he is directing at you. If he is being indifferent, then he does not care for you right now. Even if your ex boyfriend hates you, that is much better than if your ex boyfriend was indifferent about you. To avoid becoming an insignificant part of your ex-boyfriend’s life, you must be sure not become the ‘yapping dog barking up the wrong tree’. Don’t be the needy woman who is begging an ex to come back. No matter how much you are dying inside for a particular outcome, he can’t know this. It takes all of your power away.

There are other keys to watch out for as well, including how to react when your ex brings up past stories and arguments and how to deal with that, as well as correct strategies to take through communication via text messaging, e-mailing, and phone calls.

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