I Dumped My Boyfriend and Now I Want Him Back

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You were dating a guy, he seemed like your perfect mate, and then he did something wrong; and soon after he became a dumped boyfriend. Well now you’ve given it some thought and you wish your dumped boyfriend could come back again into your arms… Well let’s first understand why you dumped him.

Was it the clothes he wore, did he chew too loudly, was it the way he laughed? Was it the way he walked? Whatever it was seemed like a big deal before, but now you’re scrambling for ideas of how to get him back. The problem is, if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve tried everything and he doesn’t want you anymore.

Instead of “being on the attack” so to speak, to get him back, have you tried leaving him alone for a while? If you’ve hurt his feelings by dumping him over some small issue, then he probably feels embarrassed right now. If you’ve been calling him every day and he’s not answering, then it looks like you need to leave him alone right now.

Instead of filling his inbox with messages or leaving twenty voicemails, give him the space he needs and consider the real reasons why he became your dumped boyfriend.

The truth is girls can have a reputation for “testing” their relationships to see if their boyfriends will put up with certain behaviors or if they will fight for them. If you put him past the edge with a test like this, then this is a flawed type of thinking. Why would you get your boyfriend upset like this if you care about him? Manipulative behavior has no place in a relationship where two people care for each other.

To win back a dumped boyfriend you need to work on yourself and fix whatever made you act the way you did. If you are high maintenance and unpredictable, then it’s going to be tough for a boyfriend to want to stick around. In the future, after you’ve learned from this breakup, you will be a more sure person who thinks and then acts.

Instead of dumping a guy in the future, consider talking about your fears and insecurities. Being open and honest will do more for you then being tricky and hurtful, every day of the week.

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