How to tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back

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After you’ve broken up with your ex, you’re going to start wondering ‘what if.’ What if things had ended differently, and what if she wants you back? How can you tell if an ex girlfriend wants you back; well there are a few clear signs that can lead you toward a clear resolution.

Keep in mind that when a breakup occurs, we naturally need space to think about what has happened, and how we can become better people from it. If you’ve recently suffered heartache, the last thing you want to do is try to rush back in to the relationship. Let her have the ‘gift of missing you’. This will always work in your favor. We like what feels normal to us, and often the gift of missing another person can be the strongest factor in wishing for them back.

To get a good idea if your ex girlfriend whats you back, you must eventually talk with her. Don’t press the issue, but just act as if you are a friend. Find out how she’s doing, what’s on her mind, what challenges she’s facing. If she’s open to you and not reacting to you with hostility, then these are great signs. The more attention and feedback she gives you, the more she is basically investing into you, the better chance you have of getting her back.

Getting your ex girlfriend back is not a turnkey procedure. It involves careful, calculated steps. One mistake can ruin all of your efforts.

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