How To Get Your Ex To Return Your Phone Calls

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Everyone who has broken up with somebody has had that painful period of trying to get an ex to return a phone call. Many times we go about trying to get a callback the wrong way, and it hurts the possibilities of reuniting in a big way.

So, before we figure out what works, let’s go over what doesn’t work.

First >> Begging.
Pleading or begging will not get her to call you back. Saying something like “Mary, it’s John, PLEASE call me back, I just have to talk to you, this is the fourth message I’ve left” – will NOT work. It screams of neediness.

Second >> “Emergencies”
“This is an emergency! You must call me back as soon as you can!” If you leave a message like that, even if she DOES call you back, it’s under super false pretenses, and unless you actually have an emergency to talk about, it makes you look like an even bigger jerk.

So what works?

Keep in mind that people are selfish, they love compliments, and they are curious. So what you should do, is leave a message that is not frantic, but instead is calm and friendly, which says “Hi Mary, it’s John, I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me. Call me back so I can thank you in person.” Why does this work? Because Mary is going to be curious as to what complement she’s about to receive, and she doesn’t feel like you want something from her. So keep these basic truths in mind, it will help you grab the ear of your ex without coming across as needy. Just make sure you actually have something to thank your ex for. Even if it’s just saying thank you for the break, and how it’s given you time to rethink things.

Try it!

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