How to Get Back Your Girlfriend If She’s Dating Someone Else

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Feelings of intense jealousy, rage, and depression can result after finding out that your ex girlfriend is dating someone else. Our egos are tormented with the idea that another man can replace us and take away a girl that means the world to us. So the question that so many try to answer is, How can you get back your girlfriend if she starts dating a new guy? There is a tried and tested method that exists, and you will have to avoid the common mistakes if you want any chance of rekindling your relationship.

Tip #1: Avoid being spiteful or negative towards your ex girlfriend. Negativity is super unattractive. If you talk to your ex-girl and act macho and tell her that her new guy is a dumb jerk and that you’re much better than he will ever be, then you’ll just be pushing her farther away. If you are familiar with martial arts then you know that sometimes you have to push and sometimes you have to pull back. In the situation where your ex girlfriend is trying new things, you have to pull back, and instead be happy for her. Even if that sounds like the strangest idea in the world. The predictable jealous ex boyfriend routine will never work for you.

Tip #2: Don’t become obsessive. If you’ve read my other articles and if you’ve read one of the recommended PDFs that I promote, then you know that being needy is the quickest way to scare your ex-girlfriend away. You might think that leaving a dozen answering machine messages and e-mails about how much you miss your ex girlfriend is a romantic way to get he back in your life. You couldn’t be more wrong. Neediness is so unattractive. She needs her space and she needs to see that you are a mature, attractive person. So give her space, and work on yourself. Meet some new people and try some new things, EVOLVE! – it’s what your ancestors would have wanted;)

These are just two tips. The reality is to get back an ex girlfriend takes a well thought out plan, and it also requires that you don’t make the simple mistakes that can ruin your chances in an instant.

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