Get Your Ex Back in a Week – This is the First Step

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If you’ve recently broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend you must be hurting. A combination of pain, angst, depression, it can be a truly miserable time in your life. The good news is that you can get your ex back alarmingly quickly. In this article I give you a key first step to get him or her back.

The first recommendation I have for you is to find a quiet place to ‘meditate’, so to speak, on the reasons why you broke up. This needs to be as clear as possible. Usually it’s a combination of things that you have done and things your partner had done. Almost never is one person completely at fault. This should open up your frame of mind. No longer do you need to point the finger squarely at yourself or at your ex.

The reason usually falls somewhere between you smothering your partner with too much affection and attention or not showing enough appreciation and affection. When you can get a good idea of where you and your ex fall in the spectrum, you may have a clearer idea of why the two of you are now broken up.

If you have a plan of getting back together, you need to understand what went wrong and how to avoid it happening again. You need a clear-cut plan how to get back your ex. I have reviewed eBooks that detail exactly how to do so. Can you get your ex back in a week? Yes. It can be done.

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