Ex Girlfriend Pics – What Should You Do With Them?

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If you’ve got a digital camera and an adventurous ex-girlfriend, there’s a good chance you have a lot of possibly racy photos of your ex. So what should you do with those pix now that the two of you have broken up?

If you’ve lost all respect for your ex girlfriend, you might be considering posting her pics to a website to exploit and embarrass her. I know I’ve thought of doing such things in the past, but I personally didn’t end up doing so, and I’ll explain why.

If you are seeking revenge by posting naked pictures of your ex girlfriend, I am going to urge you to find your revenge in another manner. The reason is that you are not only completely destroying any chance that the two of you can ever be friends or lovers in the future, but you’re also doing something questionably illegal, and something that might fill you with adrenaline when you first do it, yet later may seem like an awful, hurtful thing to do. Even if she cheated on you with your best friend.

If you have pictures of your ex girlfriend and you wish you could have her back, then the story changes. In these cases, it’s usually a mutual breakup or a breakup coming from her end, and in these cases you don’t want to obsess over her right now. If you’re looking at her photos, your emotions will rush back and you might feel an urge to call her or text her, but the reality is that if the breakup is fresh, you need to give her the space that she thinks she wants.

Whether she knows it or not, after some time where she is without you and you are working on yourself, she will begin thinking of the good times the two of you shared. This works in your favor. So don’t obsess over old photos, it won’t get her back in your arms sooner, and might scare her away instead.

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