Ex Boyfriend Quiz – Will we get back together?

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Ex Boyfriend Quiz – Will we get back together?


After my last breakup, I was desperate. I  read articles, ebooks, and even took online quizzes. I have had more than one girl ask me if I could recommend an Ex Boyfriend Quiz to them – but here’s the thing: I’ve tried these out, and they don’t work for much more than a little entertainment. If you are SERIOUS about winning back your ex boyfriend, you will need a lot more than a ‘Will we get back together quiz’. You need advice at this stage, not a calculate score.


So here’s your advice:

Whatever you are doing at this stage that can be considered pushy or ‘clingy’ needs to stop before you have any real chance at reuniting with your ex. When you bombard your ex bf with messages, be they on the cell phone, email, or phone, you are losing all of your power and self-respect. It’s what we call clingy-neediness. You are in a stage where you have to harness your confidence and independence, and the best way to do this right now is to log off from the computer searching for ex boyfriend quizzes, and instead find solace with your friends, and by learning to love yourself. You may have heard this before, but it is impossible for someone else to love you before you love yourself. This in essence is the definition of non-clinginess.

As much as you may be inclined to send messages to your ex bf until he responds, it just won’t work. You must give him the gift of missing you. Give him his space, work on your independence, maintain a busy lifestyle, pursue some hobbies, and watch as it pulls your ex back into your life. He will think of you, even if in a new relationship.

When you give him space, it eliminates any non-attractive neediness, which gives you a better chance at winning him back. There will be a correct time to establish contact with him, but at minimum you have to wait 2 weeks, and more commonly even longer, like a month, to clear your head space and lessen any negative emotions which must be really strong for you right now – I know they were for me.

There are exact steps to take when setting up a new meeting with your ex, and they run along the lines of keeping yourself detached, confident and independent at these initial stages.

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